Printable mazes and puzzles for curious minds

  • Inspire creativity
  • Improve problem-solving abilities
  • Make learning fun

Start with easy puzzles for toddlers and let your kids work their way up to more complicated puzzles for young teens as they grow.

Where to buy

All mazes and puzzles are available on Etsy.
Themed mazes and puzzles for personal use is available in my Etsy store: SW Publisering
Basic mazes, puzzles, patterns, and clip outs for commercial use is available in my Etsy store: KPDfriendly

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Discover a World of Puzzles

From exciting mazes to brain-teasing puzzles, we have it all!

Scissor/Trace skills

Encourage your young child to enhance their scissor and tracing abilities.


Find the exit path from the maze among a wide maze variations in different themes.

Shapes in a grid

Complete the visual puzzle by placing images or symbols in this Sudoku variant.

Tents – themed

Explore Tents with a fresh twist. I offer themed tent puzzles in multiple sets.

Grid puzzles

Arrange the pieces to fit within the grid. This puzzle is available in various grid sizes.

Logic – Math grids

Complete the grid with numbers 1-2-3, like Sudoku. The sum is the clues.

Logic tabels

Explore logic tables featuring shapes. Find out the next shape using logical reasoning.

Logic grid puzzles

Find the clues and identify a person associated with a specific item.

What Etsy buyers say

Very pretty design. Pay and download, very fast and easy 🙂

Cathrine, Etsy customer (store: KPD Friendly)


Mark, Etsy customer (store: KPD Friendly)

I absolutely love these mazes for kids. They are perfect for my kiddos and just what I was looking for. Seller was quick to answer my question and helped me find what I needed. Thank you 🙂

Robyn, Etsy customer (store: KPD Friendly)

Love your work! Great product

Tanya, Etsy customer (store: KPD Friendly)

Tricky, great labyrinths that children really have to spend some time on to find the solution. She is extremely proud when it is successful. Thank you!

Daniela, Etsy customer (store: SW Publisering)