Logic grip puzzles can come in many variations and topics. A logic grid puzzle is a brainteaser where you use deductive reasoning to fill in a grid with labeled rows and columns. The goal is to satisfy given clues and conditions. The puzzle typically consists of a grid or table with intersecting rows and columns. Each row and column is labeled with categories, and the goal is to fill in the grid with information that satisfies certain clues or conditions.

The difficulty of a logic puzzle is determined by the number of categories and the number of objects in each category. Three variations are shown below. The first grid involves matching four fairies to specific types of food. The second one requires matching four women to upper and lower body garments. The last one involves linking four women to a project, a pattern, and a color.

In these logic puzzles, it is a given that no two items share the same category.

How to play

In this guide on solving a logic grid puzzle, I’ll demonstrate using a puzzle with three categories: a person, a top, and a bottom. The provided story and clues are as follows:

On the first day of school, each of the four girls treated themselves to brand new outfits, consisting of a top and a bottom piece. Can you figure out who wore what based on the given clues:


  1. Sarah and Emma both opted for bottom pieces with legs.
  2. Mindy had a stylish jacket to complement her new dress.
  3. The girl who chose a skirt paired it with a blouse.
  4. Sarah’s top had short sleeves, while Emma decided to wear pants.

Step 1:

Begin by identifying the categories within the grid. In the initial section, we find the names of five women and an upper body garment.

Step 2:

In the initial section, there are the names of five women and a lower body garment.

Step 3:

In the final section, we have the lower body garment and an upper body garment.

Step 4:

Clue one indicates that Sarah and Emma are not wearing a dress or a skirt. It suggests that if they are not wearing those, then…

Step 5:

… Mindy and Mary are not dressed in pants or leggings. We can mark this as FALSE in the grid.

Step 6:

Clue 2 provides a TRUE statement, allowing us to mark Mindy as associated with a jacket in the grid. This also identify the other statements as FALSE.

Step 7:

Clue 2 establishes that the jacket is equivalent to the dress. As the jacket is linked to Mindy, then the dress is also associated with Mindy. This can be marked as TRUE, and we can update the grid with the relevant FALSE information.

Step 8:

Given that there’s only one option left for Mary, we can mark the association between Mary and the skirt as TRUE. Additionally, we learn that the skirt is equivalent to the blouse, allowing us to mark that connection as TRUE as well.

Step 9:

In the final clue, we discover that Mary has shorter sleeves on her garment, indicating that she must be wearing the T-shirt. This can be marked as TRUE. The clue also informs us that Emma is wearing pants, allowing us to mark this statement as TRUE as well.

Step 10:

Based on the remaining possibilities, we can mark that Emma and the sweater as TRUE and Sarah with leggings as TRUE. This also tells us that the sweater is equivalent to pants and T-shirt is equivalent to leggings.

With these connections, the puzzle is successfully solved.

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